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Bartape Warranty

  • Warranty Period - One year from the date of purchase (against manufacturing defects)

  • Brand warranty will NOT cover product breakage, scratches, damages caused by accident, mishandling, negligence, shock, and tampering.

  • The designs if any on the tape can fade over time (even after a few rides) depending on weather conditions, and other parameters of usage.

  • The bar-end plugs are of fibre. They can undergo breakage if tightened too harshly or if handled with unnecessary force or for other reasons. The plugs are not covered under warranty.

  • The tape is usually meant for single use. Once wrapped on the bar, it is never a good idea to unwrap it and wrap it again. There is no warranty on the glue strip behind the tape.

  • Crash Replacement Policy - The rider can avail a FLAT 50% Discount on the purchase of a new tape in case of a crash within two years of date of purchase. (Sufficient proof of crash needs to be submitted to respect the authenticity and sanctity of the sport.)

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