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Both Slanted

The simple just got better. With Adroit, our aim was to evolve a standard carbon wheelset with simplistic qualities, yet backed by solid performance integrity.


Adroit is a wheel for the widest range of cyclists. We are a huge fan of 50mm depth because we truly believe we should not change something that is already proven to be great. This depth gives a great advantage of aerodynamics and at the same time, it does not trouble the rider in heavy cross-winds.


Developed by a thorough-bred wheel perfectionist in Croatia, stiffness and durability were the two main pillars on which Adroit was designed.


Being the first wheelset to come out of the TRC stable, we wanted to stay true to the purists also. That explains the availability of the Rim Brake version as well!


High Modulus Carbon Fibre

The Toray T700 standard has been known to be a high-strength fiber, capable to withstand heavy usage, and can last a long time with proper care.

TRC Adroit Rim Half Wheel
TRC Adroit Rear Rim Side View Slanted

Special Reinforcement Pattern

The layers of the carbon fibre in Adroit have been crafted in such a way that the high tensile strength is given around the spoke holes, for the rim to be performance oriented.

Tubeless Compatible

With the provision of the tubeless rim tape in the kit and the profile of the rim bead, Adroit ensures easy mounting of tires and long-lasting air pressure.

TRC Rim Inner
TRC Adroit Rear Rim Rear Hub Close Up

Precision Machined Hubs

The hubs of Adroit are forged CNC, with a 36-Teeth ratchet mechanism, giving supreme engagement during the initial power transfer phase.

Integrated Graphics

An extremely high-quality procedure of using water transfer decals is used on the surface, giving as much importance to the aesthetics as to the functionality of the wheel.

TRC Adroit Rim Front Hub Acronym Logo Close Up

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Weight Information

Spokes Pattern


Hub Width

Hub Finish



Brake Interface

Rim Finish

Rim Width

Tire Recommendation


Pillar PSR 1423, Aero Steel Spokes

Alloy Sapim, External

110 kg (maximum rider weight)

Front: Radial

Rear:  Two Cross (2x)

Alloy 6061, Forged CNC, 36 Teeth

Front: 100mm

Rear: 135mm

Black Gloss

High Quality Steel, Non-Contact, Sealed Bearing

Water Transfer Decal

Carbon Surface

UD Matte

Internal: 19mm, External: 26mm

25mm - 28mm

1588 Grams (Front: 739g, Rear: 849g)

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